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CareerLocker Provides:

  • Focus on self-direction in career development
  • More than 700 occupations
  • Over 6,000 colleges and universities
  • Career assessments
  • ePortfolio and Individual Learning Plans
  • Related classroom curriculum
  • Links to job openings
  • Interactive budget builder, resume builder, job interview tools
  • Developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education

Why Consider CareerLocker?

Shaping a successful future requires careful exploration, the right education path, and sound decision making. The CareerLocker website provides the information, tools, and resources that young people and adults need to make the best decisions for their future.

Join the thousands of individuals who have increased their self-knowledge, explored career and labor market options, and set a plan of action into motion using the user-friendly CareerLocker website and tools.