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Who We Serve

Career development is a lifelong process. Our products are designed to address the career exploration and planning needs of individuals throughout the lifespan.

Schools at all levels, state agencies, job service centers, individuals, and businesses turn to our products for our holistic approach to career development and for exceptional product development that meets the needs of various user groups.

Elementary Students

At the elementary level, students are beginning to explore who they are, what interests them, and the world of work. This introductory work is important, and sets the stage for lifelong career development. The CareerLocker Elementary website and curriculum assist students in these beginning stages.

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Middle School Students

The middle school years are critical to career development as students delve deeper into their interests values, and the world of work. Career development tasks at the middle school level include further exploration in self-awareness, more discovery of the kinds of occupations available. By taking the assessments on the CareerLocker website, students begin to match their interests and skills with possible careers and career clusters. At this stage students become better acquainted with career pathways and make appropriate changes to their academic and career plan using the CareerLocker Middle School website and curriculum.

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High School Students

Students in grades 9-12 have a more developed self-concept, but their interests, values, and goals continue to evolve. In high school, students continue to explore occupations and career clusters and adjust their academic career plan to fit their future goals. Students can explore their options for postsecondary education or employment using the CareerLocker information and tools. The CareerLocker High School website and curriculum provide appropriate level tools and resources to assist them in adjusting their academic and career plan as they grow.

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Adult Populations

Adults who are just entering the workforce or who are exploring a career change will also find a wealth of information and resources on the CareerLocker Adult website to assist them in their career planning and job seeking activities.

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Professional Educators, Counselors & Career Specialists

The Professional site helps you and your colleagues in education and career development to manage and implement the CareerLocker website. You can generate reports on website usage, connect to the student site, and access tools and resources that help you learn more about the website and increase its use and effectiveness with your students or clients. clients.