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Computer Configuration

You can access CareerLocker using Apple OS, Microsoft Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1 operating systems. After early April 2014, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP. Therefore, if you are still using XP, we encourage you to upgrade to a supported operating system.

Screen Resolution

CareerLocker is designed to be viewed at a screen resolution of [1024 by 768] pixels and higher. Viewing the site with a lesser resolution may produce unpredictable results.

For Tablets and Smartphones

The CareerLocker middle school, high school, college/adult, and professional sites will work on the iPad and tablet. The only part of CareerLocker that will not work on the iPad is the Elementary site, since the elementary games and animations require Adobe Flash. We don’t recommend using CareerLocker on a smartphone, mainly due to the small screen size of most smartphones’.

Connecting to CareerLocker

We recommend accessing the CareerLocker site through a high speed wired or wireless internet connection. For wireless, your response time will be impacted by the speed of the wireless access point and by the speed and version of the wireless adapter on your computer. Response time may also be impacted by whether your wireless adapter is connected to a USB port or is built in to your computer and the amount of traffic over the wireless device.

You can access the site through a dial-up line with a modem, but we don’t recommend it. CareerLocker has many graphics, and therefore the response time will be much slower compared to what you would experience with high speed internet.