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Postseccondary students and adults of all ages use the CareerLocker website to explore how their educational and work experiences serve as the foundation for future career aspirations and life path. Special features help them develop the job-seeking skills needed to acquire meaningful employment and make successful transitions into and throughout the world of work.

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CareerLocker helps you:
Become aware of your unique patterns of interests, skills, values, and learning styles,
Discover how you could use those interests and skills in a career,
Explore further educational opportunities, and
Enhance your job-seeking skills.
Adult Website Assessments

Learn More About Yourself

Easy-to-take self-assessments help you learn more about your interests, skills, and values.
Adult Website personal assessments = questions to be answered by clicking in circle

The Personal Globe Inventory (PGI) Interests Assessment

The PGI includes 40 questions to help you identify your interests.
Adult Website work assessments = questions to be answered by clicking in circle

The Work Skills Inventory

The Work Skills Inventory helps you identify skills that can be used on the job.
Adult Website learning style assessments = questions to be answered by clicking in circle

The Learning Styles Inventory

The Learning Styles and Work Values inventories encourage further self-reflection that will affect career choices.
Adult Website searching and exploring occupation

Explore Occupations

Learn about more than 750 occupations by title or by Career Cluster™, and compare occupations side by side.
Adult Website - information about being an accountant

Learn about Specific Careers

Each occupation includes salary, job outlook, and educational requirements, and an overview of what the job entails on a day-to-day basis.
Adult Website searching and exploring occupation

Find Occupations

Search occupations by first letter, salary, typical education level, or Career Cluster™ and Pathway.
Adult Website - explore career clusters

Learn about Career Clusters

Explore occupations through the 16 Career Clusters™ and Pathways. Additional pages focus on military and healthcare career options.
Adult Website searching and exploring schools

Research Postsecondary Schools

The education section includes comprehensive information on more than 7,000 postsecondary schools and 660 majors and degrees.
Adult Website look at financial aid for school

Explore Financial Aid and Scholarships

These information pages teach about ways to pay for postsecondary education.
Adult Website look at financial aid for school

Explore Job Seeking

Use the tools on resume/cover letter writing and financial planning to get started.

Offering Adults and Job-Seekers:

  • Self-assessments matching occupations to interests, values, and skills
  • Comprehensive information on more than over 800 occupations and overviews of more than 450 specializations
  • Career Clusters and Pathways for easy exploration of occupations and a better understanding of how they are related to one another
  • An emphasis on Wisconsin Labor Market information
  • Information for more than 3,400 post-secondary schools and over 1,200 programs of study
  • Comparison features for occupations and for schools, universities, and colleges
  • Occupational videos for “real world” career information
  • An ePortfolio that helps individuals to provide evidence of their potential
  • An Individual Learning Plan to support career and education planning
  • Resume and Cover Letter programs
  • A Budget Builder program
  • Links to job openings
  • Spanish version

Offering Professionals Who Work with Adults and Job-Seekers:

  • Features, content, and activities that align education and learning with work
  • More than 400 Classroom Activities that promote career development and decision-making skills and are aligned with standards and guidelines
  • Extensive customizable reports that reflect individual and organizational use and patterns
  • A Message Center feature that allows professionals to post announcements and assignments
  • An advertising-free career resource
  • Free regional trainings, webinars, online demos, and tech support

First time subscribers:

CareerLocker supports the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model and many of the goals set forth by Perkins Funds. Check with your Perkins Coordinator for details on using Perkins funds for your CareerLocker subscription.

Pricing Notes:

Subscriptions are for 1 year - from October 1 through September 30, of the following year. The number of student/client accounts given will be the top number of the enrollment range for the subscription order number you purchase. The number of professional accounts given will be 10% of the number of student/client accounts.

Item Order Code Price
Individual Subscription CLIND $19.95
Public Library (per branch) CLPL Call
UW, WTCS and Private Colleges CLDWD Call
Business (first 50 clients) CLBus $150.00
Business (additional 50 clients) CLCUS50 $75.00

Please contact a representative to order or if you have questions please email

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