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Elementary Curriculum

The Elementary Curriculum CareerLocker Curriculum, included with your Elementary subscription, is the perfect supplement to the website!

Get the most out of your CareerLocker subscription. Used along with the CareerLocker website, the CareerLocker Curriculum provides a complete package that you can use to help your students learn about themselves, explore their career interests and career clusters, and develop a plan for reaching their future goals. The CareerLocker Elementary Curriculum has activities and lessons that are age appropriate for students at the elementary level.

The CareerLocker Elementary Curriculum includes 17 Lower Elementary and 10 Upper Elementary core lessons, along with activity books and curriculum planning documents. All curriculum documents can be downloaded directly from CareerLocker.

The curriculum includes the following content topic themes: Academic success, careers, citizenship, communication/social skills, diversity, safety and wellness, self-understanding/management, and transitions. The curriculum includes Core Lessons, Enrichment Lessons, Student Activity Booklet and Implementation Planning Documents.

Elementary Curriculum Cover
Curriculum Forward
Curriculum Acknowledgements
Elementary Curriculum Table of Contents
Curriculum Foundations
Curriculum Design and Format
Curriculum Foundations
Lower Elementary Career Unit
Lower Elementary Table of Contents
Core Lesson 1: Where Am I Going?
Upper Elementary Career Unit
Upper Elementary Table of Contents
Core Lesson 8: Who Am I?
Student Activity Book
Student Activity Book - Table of Contents
My Current Job
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
Architecture and Construction
Student Activity Book
Student Activity Book - Table of Contents
Review Game #1
Career Pathways
Reflection on Work Habits

The CareerLocker Curriculum was developed by the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District for the benefit of other school districts in Wisconsin. It is structured in accordance with the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model and the American School Counseling Association National Standards for Students. It is designed to be used by trained facilitators of any educational background.